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    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 6 Ottobre 2018

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    CAT POWER                          WANDERER                           LP  28.00
    BELLY                              DOVE                               LP  24.00
    BLACKLAB                           UNDER THE STRAWBERRY MOON 2.0      LP  27.00
    ELIJAH                             EAT RIPE FRUIT                     2LP 26.00
    JLIN                               AUTOBIOGRAPHY                      2LP 37.00
    MITSKI                             BE THE COWBOY                      LP  28.00
    STILL CORNERS                      SLOW AIR                           LP  33.00
    AAVV BRAZIL                        ULTIMATE (4CD)                     4CD 12.90
    AAVV HIT'S IN TOWN!                2018                               CD  14.90
    AMOROSO ALESSANDRA                 IO                                 CD  19.90
    ANY OTHER                          TWO, GEOGRAPHY                     CD  17.90
    BERNSTEIN LEONARD                  100THE ANNIVERSARY (3CD)           3CD 12.90
    BIG RED MACHINE                    BIG RED MACHINE                    CD  18.90
    BLACKLAB                           UNDER THE STRAWBERRY MOON 2.0      CD  17.90
    BLITZEN TRAPPER                    FURR (10TH)                        CD  17.90
    BOCELLI ANDREA                     ROMANZA (20TH)                     CD   9.90
    BONOBO                             BLACK SANDS                        CD  12.90
    CASH JOHNNY                        THE NUMBER ONES (DELUXE)           CDD  9.90
    CAT POWER                          WANDERER                           CD  17.90
    DANIELSSON LARS & FRESU PAOLO      UMMERWIND                          CD  18.90
    DOGG SWAMP                         LOVE, LOSS, AND AUTO-TUNE          CD  18.90
    GAINSBOURG SERGE                   TIMELESS CLASSIC ALBUMS            5CD 12.90
    GALATI ALESSANDRO                  WHEELER VARIATIONS                 CD  15.90
    GALLO RON                          STARDUST BIRTHDAY PARTY            CD  17.90
    GIANT SAND                         RETURNS TO VALLEY OF RAIN          CD  18.90
    GOGO PENGUIN                       A HUNDRUM STAR                     CD  16.90
    HATER                              SIESTA                             CD  18.90
    HERSH KRISTIN                      POSSIBLE DUST CLOUDS               CD  18.90
    HOLLEY LONNIE                      MITH                               CD  18.90
    JLIN                               AUTOBIOGRAPHY                      CD  18.90
    KING CRIMSON                       EPITAPH (1969)                     2CD 14.90
    LADY GAGA/BRADLEY COOPER           O.S.T. A STAR IS BORN              CD  18.90
    LENNON JOHN                        IMAGINE (DELUXE '18)               2CD 25.90
    LUCERO                             AMONG THE GHOSTS                   CD  17.90
    MITSKI                             BE THE COWBOY                      CD  18.90
    MUDHONEY                           DIGITAL GARBAGE                    CD  17.90
    PAVEMENT                           CROOKED RAIN CROOKED RAIN (DELUXE) 2CD 38.90
    PERRI SANDRO                       IN ANOTHER LIFE                    CD  18.90
    POHJOLA VERNERI                    PEKKA                              CD  18.90
    POHJOLA VERNERI                    BULLHORN                           CD  18.90
    POHJOLA VERNERI/MIKA KALLIO        ANIMAL IMAGE                       CD  18.90
    RUNDLE EMMA RUTH                   ON DARK HORSES                     CD  19.90
    SCANU VALERIO                      DIECI                              CD  16.90
    SCORPIONS                          BEST OF ROCK BALLADS               CD  13.90
    SUMAC                              LOVE IN SHADOW                     CD  18.90
    TOWNSHEND PETE                     WHO CAME FIRST                     CD  10.90
    TUCKER ALEXANDER                   DON'T LOOK AWAY                    CD  18.90
    TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS               THE DEVIL IN THE GRAIN             CD   9.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 29 Settembre 2018

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    BERTE' LOREDANA                    LIBERTE'                           LP  30.00
    ELIJAH                             DO GOOD IN LIFE 7"                 7"   8.50
    ELIJAH                             POWER TO THE PEOPLE 7"             7"   8.50
    ELIJAH                             EAT RIPE FRUIT                     2LP 26.00
    ELIJAH                             DUB RIPE FRUIT                     LP  20.00
    ALT-J                              REDUXER                            CD  17.90
    BATTIATO FRANCO                    UNIVERSI PARALLELI                 4CD 22.90
    BOCELLI ANDREA                     SACRED ARIAS                       CD   9.90
    BUTLER JOHN TRIO                   HOME                               CD  17.90
    CHER                               DANCING QUEEN                      CD  19.90
    CYPRESS HILL                       ELEPHANTS ON ACID                  CD  19.90
    DARK POLO GANG                     TRAP LOVERS                        CD  18.90
    DE VITO MARIA PIA                  CORE (CORACAO)                     CD  18.90
    GARRETT DAVID                      ROCK SYMPHONIES (LTD)              CDD 13.90
    GIBBONS BILLY                      THE BIG BAD BLUES                  CD  18.90
    KODE9 & BURIAL                     FABRICLIVE 100                     CD  18.90
    LED ZEPPELIN                       THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME(BOX '18) BOX279.00
    MINETTI LUCIA                      JAZZ NATURE                        CD  17.90
    NADLER MARISSA                     FOR MY CRIMES                      CD  17.90
    PRINCE                             PIANO & A MICROPHONE 1983          CD  19.90
    ROJAS LEO                          DAS BESTE                          CD  14.90
    SAINT-SAENS CAMILLE                CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS            CD   9.90
    SCAGGS BOZ                         OUT OF THE BLUES                   CD  21.90
    STEWART ROD                        BLOOD RED ROSES                    CD  18.90
    STRUMMER JOE                       JOE STRUMMER 01                    CD  14.90
    TIROMANCINO                        FINO A QUI                         CD  19.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 15 Settembre 2018

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    EMINEM                             KAMIKAZE                           CD  18.90
    LOW                                DOUBLE NEGATIVE                    LP  22.00
    AAVV RADIO DEEJAY                  CIAO BELLI COMPILATION '18         2CD 21.90
    BENNETT TONY & DIANA KRALL         LOVE IS HERE TO STAY               CD  20.90
    GOOD CHARLOTTE                     GENERATION RX                      CD  17.90
    GUETTA DAVID                       7                                  2CD 20.90
    INTERNET                           HIVE MIND                          CD  18.90
    LOW                                DOUBLE NEGATIVE                    CD  17.90
    MINAJ NICKI                        QUEEN                              CD  18.90
    PEQUENO GUE'                       SINATRA                            CD  20.90
    PRIVAT TRIO GREGORY                FAMILY TREE                        CD  20.90
    RIBOT MARC                         SONGS OF RESISTANCE 1942-2018      CD  19.90
    SACRI CUORI                        ROSARIO                            CD  16.90
    WELLER PAUL                        TRUE MEANINGS (LTD)                CD  21.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 22 Settembre 2018

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    THEGIORNALISTI                     LOVE                               LP  27.00
    APHEX TWIN                         COLLAPSE E.P.                      MLP 18.00
    HAVENS RICHIE                      ALARM CLOCK                        LP  30.00
    JUNGLE                             FOR EVER                           LP  26.00
    SLASH                              LIVING THE DREAM                   2LP 29.00
    SUEDE                              THE BLUE HOUR                      2LP 29.00
    AAVV HOT PARTY                     BACK2SKOOL 2018                    CD  13.90
    AAVV INAKUSTIK                     GREAT VOICES VOL.2                 CD  24.90
    AAVV SILVER LININGS                O.S.T. SILVER LININGS              CD   9.90
    APHEX TWIN                         COLLAPSE E.P.                      CDS 12.90
    AYANE MALIKA                       DOMINO                             CD  20.90
    BANDA OSIRIS                       FUNFARA                            CD  17.90
    BONAMASSA JOE                      REDEMPTION (DELUXE)                CD  20.90
    BOWIE DAVID                        THE VERY BEST OF-NOTHING HAS...    CD   8.90
    BTS                                FACE YOURSELF                      CD  27.90
    CASTO IMMANUEL                     L'ETA' DEL CONSENSO                CD  13.90
    CAVE NICK & WARREN ELLIS           O.S.T. LAWLESS                     CD   7.90
    CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS           CHRIS                              2CD 20.90
    CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS           CHALEUR HUMAINE                    CD   9.90
    DOORS                              WAITING FOR THE SUN (50TH)         CDD 59.90
    GUSTAVSEN TORD QUARTET             EXTENDED CIRCLE                    CD  19.90
    HARDCORE SUPERSTAR                 YOU CAN'T KILL MY ROCK'N'ROLL      CD  17.90
    IL PAGANTE                         PANINARO 2.0                       CD  16.90
    JUNGLE                             FOR EVER                           CD  17.90
    LAFAVE JIMMY                       PEACE TOWN                         2CD 23.90
    MATTHEWS DAVE BAND                 REMEMBER TWO THINGS                CD   9.90
    MEDRANO HERMAN & KALIBRO           FRITTO MISTIKO                     CD  13.00
    MODEST MOUSE                       STRANGERS TO OURSELVES             CD   7.99
    MR RAIN                            BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2.0               CD  14.90
    NELSON WILLIE                      MY WAY                             CD  17.90
    PASTIS & GRANDI IRENE              LUNGOVIAGGIO                       CD  16.90
    SHAPIRO SHEL & MAURIZIO VANDELLI   LOVE AND PEACE                     CD  18.90
    SHEPPARD ANDY                      MOVEMENTS IN COLOUR                CD  21.90
    SLASH                              LIVING THE DREAM                   CD  19.90
    SUEDE                              THE BLUE HOUR                      CD  19.90
    THEGIORNALISTI                     LOVE                               CD  18.90
    VILLAGERS                          THE ART OF PRETENDING TO SWIM      CD  17.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 8 Settembre 2018

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    KRAVITZ LENNY                      RAISE VIBRATION                    2LP 29.00
    AFRAID OF DESTINY                  AGONY                              LP  15.00
    AAVV CELTIC SPIRIT                 2CD                                2CD  9.90
    AAVV PURE IRISH                    TRADITIONAL                        CD   8.90
    AFRAID OF DESTINY                  AGONY                              CD  10.00
    ARNALDS OLAFUR                     RE-MEMBER                          CD  18.90
    BAND                               MUSIC FROM BIG PINK ('18)          CD  17.90
    BIFFY CLYRO                        MTV UNPLUGGED                      CDD 17.90
    CAPAREZZA                          PRISONER 709 LIVE (2CD + DVD)      CDD 26.90
    CAPAREZZA                          PRISONER 709 LIVE (2CD+DVD+BOOK)   CDD 51.90
    CORAL                              MOVE THROUGH THE DAWN              CD  14.90
    DEATH SS                           ROCK'N'ROLL ARMAGEDDON             CD  16.90
    GUANO APES                         PROUD LIKE A GOD ('17)             2CD 16.90
    IDLES                              JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE        CD  14.90
    JUSTICE                            WOMAN WORLD WIDE                   CD  16.90
    KEN MODE                           LOVED                              CD  19.90
    KRAVITZ LENNY                      RAISE VIBRATION                    CD  18.90
    LED ZEPPELIN                       THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME ('18)    2CD 21.90
    MC CARTNEY PAUL                    EGYPT STATION                      CD  21.90
    MINGHI AMEDEO                      IL MEGLIO DI A.M.                  2CD 12.90
    OUR GIRL                           STRANGER TODAY                     CD  14.90
    PEYROUX MADELEINE                  ANTHEM                             CD  18.90
    PRESLEY ELVIS                      WHERE NO ONE STANDS ALONE          CD  18.90
    SIMON PAUL                         IN THE BLUE LIGHT                  CD  18.90
    SISTER SLEDGE                      THE BEST OF...                     CD   8.90
    SIVAN TROYE                        BLOOM                              CD  18.90
    SOFT MACHINE                       HIDDEN DETAILS                     CD  14.90
    SOLER ALVARO                       MAR DE COLORES                     CD  18.90
    SPIRITUALIZED                      AND NOTHING HURT                   CD  17.90
    URBAN STRANGERS                    U.S                                CD  16.90
    YES                                LIVE AT THE APOLLO                 2CD 20.90


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