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    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 15 Ottobre 2016

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    AEROSMITH                          THE ESSENTIAL                      2CD 12.90
    BAEZ JOAN                          THREE CLASSIC ALBUMS PLUS          2CD 13.90
    BOSSO FABRIZIO                     FAST FLIGHT                        CD  23.90
    CAVEMEN                            OTERO WAR                          CD  16.90
    COLLINS PHIL                       THE SINGLES                        3CD 22.90
    CONTE PAOLO                        AMAZING GAME                       CD  20.90
    EN?GMA                             INDACO                             CD  14.90
    FERGUSON REBECCA                   SUPERWOMAN                         CD  17.90
    GIONNYSCANDAL                      RESET                              CD  10.90
    GOAT                               REQUIEM                            CD  18.90
    HART BETH                          FIRE ON THE FLOOR                  CD  18.90
    HATEBREED                          THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE            CD  15.90
    IDOL BILLY                         BILLY IDOL + REBEL YELL            2CD  9.90
    IMANY                              THE WRONG KIND OF WAR              CD  17.90
    JONES NORA                         DAY BREAKS                         CD  18.90
    JONES NORA                         DAY BREALS (LTD)                   CD  20.90
    KAISER CHIEFS                      STAY TOGETHER                      CD  17.90
    KILLA EMIS                         TERZA STAGIONE                     CD  19.90
    KILLA EMIS                         TERZA STAGIONE (BOX)               CDM 34.90
    LAIBACH                            OPUS DEI                           CD   9.90
    MELUA KATIE                        IN WINTER                          CD  17.90
    METAMORFOSI                        PURGATORIO                         CD  17.90
    MOBY                               THESE SYSTEMS ARE FAILING (LTD)    CD  17.90
    NEK                                UNICI                              CD  18.90
    OASIS                              BE HERE NOW (N.E.)                 3CD 23.90
    ONE REPUBLIC                       OH MY MY                           CD  18.90
    ONE REPUBLIC                       OH MY MY (LTD)                     CD  20.90
    OPETH                              SORCERESS (LTD)                    2CD 22.90
    OPETH                              SORCERESS                          CD  19.90
    PLACEBO                            A PLACE FOR US TO DREAM            2CD 19.90
    REED JIMMY                         FOUR CLASSIC ALBUMS                2CD 13.90
    SEAFRET                            TELL ME IT'S REAL                  CD  17.90
    TAZENDA                            S'ISTORIA                          3CD 18.90
    TELESCOPES                         SPLASHDOWN                         2CD 19.90
    TOWNSEND DEVIN                     TRANSCENDENCE (LTD)                2CD 20.90
    TYKETTO                            REACH                              CD  18.90
    URBAN STRANGERS                    DETACHMENT                         CD  16.90
    VEGA SUZANNE                       LOVER, BELOVED:A SONGS...MC CULLERSCD  14.90
    AAVV BRACCIALETTI ROSSI            3                                  CD  11.90
    AAVV DJ SELECTION                  451-21 BRANI ORIGINALI             2CD 15.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA 2016                2016                               CD  13.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA 2016                2016 (BOX)                         4CD 19.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 8 Ottobre 2016

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    AAVV DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE         AMSTERDAM 2016                     2CD 23.90
    AAVV DJ ZONE 2016                  BEST SESSION 10-2016               CD  15.90
    AAVV UNDER THE INFLUENCE           VOLUME 3                           2CD 21.90
    ALTER BRIDGE                       THE LAST HERO                      CD  18.90
    ARAB STRAP                         ARAB STRAP '16                     CD  17.90
    AVITABILE ENZO                     LOTTO INFINITO                     CD  19.90
    BRIGA                              TALENTO                            CD  16.90
    BRIGA                              TALENTO (LTD)                      CD  20.90
    BUCKLEY JEFF                       GRACE (N.E. '16)                   2CD 12.90
    CHEAP TRICK                        ONE ON ONE/NEXT POSTITION PLEASE   CD  26.90
    CONTE PAOLO                        UN'ORA CON...                      CD   8.90
    CONTE PAOLO                        THE PLATINUM COLLECTION            3CD 26.90
    DAVIS MILES                        KIND OF BLUE (N.E. '16)            2CD 12.90
    DENTE                              CANZONI PER META'                  CD  16.90
    DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS                  AMERICAN BAND                      CD  17.90
    ELLIS ROBERT                       ROBERT ELLIS                       CD  17.90
    ELLIS-BEXTOR SOPHIE                FAMILIA                            CD  16.90
    FACTORY FLOOR                      25/25                              CD  17.90
    FILM: DUE PER LA STRADA            DUE PER LA STRADA                  DVD  8.90
    FILM: MARADONA                     BY KUSTURICA                       DVD  9.90
    GIBB BARRY                         IN THE NOW (DELUXE)                CD  19.90
    GREEN DAY                          (DVD)HEART LIKE A HAND GRENADE     DVD 19.90
    GREEN DAY                          REVOLUTION RADIO                   CD  17.90
    HIEROGLYPHIC BEING                 THE DISCO'S OF IMHOTEP             CD  20.90
    KENT JULIA                         ASPERITIES                         CD  18.90
    MADNESS                            THE VERY BEST OF...                2CD  9.90
    O.S.T. TROLLS                      AAVV TROLLS                        CD  18.90
    PIXIES                             HEAD CARRIER                       CD  18.90
    PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI          MARCONI BAKERY 1973-1974           BOX 29.90
    RAMONES                            RAMONES (40TH BOX)                 BOX 56.90
    STOOGES                            RAW POWER (N.E. '16)               2CD 12.90
    SUM 41                             13 VOICES                          CD  14.90
    TEENAGE FANCLUB                    HERE                               CD  16.90
    TEMPLE OF THE DOG                  TEMPLE OF THE DOG (N.E.)           2CD 24.90
    TEMPLE OF THE DOG                  TEMPLE OF THE DOG (N.E.)           CD  10.90
    TIERSEN YANN                       EUSA                               CD  18.90
    VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR            DO NOT DISTURB                     CD  17.90
    WHITE LIES                         FRIENDS                            CD  17.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 24 Settembre 2016

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    A DAY TO REMEMBER                  BAD VIBRATIONS                     CD  17.90
    AAVV DJ SELECTION                  451-21 BRANI ORIGINALI             2CD 15.90
    AAVV GREGORIAN                     LIVE! (2CD + 1DVD)                 CDD 21.90
    AAVV HARDCORE FOR LIFE             RESURRECTION II                    CD  12.90
    BALDINI PAOLO                      DUBFILES AT SONG EMBASSY           CD  14.90
    BONAMASSA JOE                      LIVE AT THE GREEK THEATRE          2CD 18.23
    BRAGG BILLY & JOE HENRY            SHINE A LIGHT                      CD  15.90
    CURVED AIR                         AIRBORNE                           CD  12.90
    DEAD DAISIES                       MAKE SOME NOISE                    CD  18.90
    DIAFRAMMA                          SIBERIA (RELOADED 2016)            CD  15.90
    DIE ANTWOORD                       MOUNT NINJI AND DA NICE TIME KID   CD  18.90
    D.AR.K.                            SCIENCE AGREES                     CD  15.90
    FEHLMANN THOMAS                    VISIONS                            CD  16.00
    FILM: VINYL                        DI SCORSESE & JAGGER               DVD 31.90
    GOMEZ SELENA                       A YEAR WITHOUT RAIN                CD  11.90
    GUALAZZI RAPHAEL                   LOVE LIFE PEACE                    CD  20.90
    HUNTER IAN & THE RANT BAND         FINGERS CROSSED                    CD  20.90
    IL PAGANTE                         ENTRO IN PASS                      CD  10.90
    MENDES SHAWN                       ILLUMINATE                         CD  18.90
    MOTION GRAPHICS                    MOTION GRAPHICS                    CD  17.90
    PASSENGER                          YOUNG AS THE MORNING OLD AS THE SEACD  15.90
    SADA GIO'                          VOLANDO AL CONTRARIO               CD  16.90
    SPRINGSTEEN BRUCE                  CHAPTER & VERSE                    CD  18.90
    STIRLING LINDSEY                   BRAVE ENOUGH                       CD  18.90
    VAN BUUREN ARMIN                   A STATE OF TRANCE-IBIZA 2016       2CD 22.90
    VNV NATION                         MATTER + FORM                      CD  13.90
    ZEN CIRCUS                         LA TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE           CD  14.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 1 Ottobre 2016

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    BISCEGLIA LAURA                    MEDITATION                         CD  12.00
    BON IVER                           22, A MILLION                      CD  17.90
    COOL GHOULS                        ANIMAL RACES                       CD  17.90
    DAVID CRAIG                        FOLLOWING MY INTUITION             CD  17.90
    FILM: LABYRINTH                    DOVE TUTTO E' POSSIBILE            DVD 10.90
    HENDRIX JIMI                       MACHINE GUN-THE FILLMORE EAST...   CD  17.90
    MATTHEWS DAVE BAND                 LIVE AT PIEDMONT PARK              3CD 22.90
    MENDES SHAWN                       ILLUMINATE (LTD)                   CD  24.90
    MONKEES                            GOOD TIMES                         CD  16.90
    MORKOBOT                           GORGO                              CD  17.90
    NEUROSIS                           FIRES WITHIN FIRES                 CD  18.90
    PEYROUX MADELEINE                  SECULAR HYMNS                      CD  18.90
    POOH                               POOH 50-L'ULTIMA NOTTE INSIEME(LTD)BOX109.00
    PREOCCUPATIONS                     PREOCCUPATIONS                     CD  17.90
    SUICIDAL TENDENCIES                WORLD GONE MAD                     CD  17.90
    THIELEMANS TOOTS                   LIVE-JAZZ COLLECTION               CD   8.90
    VOLO (Q)                           A TRIBUTE TO THE THREE TENORS      CD  17.90
    VOLO (Q)                           A TRIBUTE TO THE THREE TENORS (LTD)2CD 21.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 17 Settembre 2016

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    ALLAH-LAS                          CALICO REVIEW                      CD  17.90
    BASTILLE                           WILD WORLD                         CD  18.90
    BLACK FOXXES                       I'M NOT WELL                       CD  17.90
    BRUJERIA                           POCHO AZTLAN                       CD  18.90
    ELUVIUM                            FALSE READINGS ON                  CD  18.90
    HENSON KEATON                      KINDLY NOW                         CD  17.90
    HOOKER JOHN LEE                    THE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL 3CD       3CD  9.90
    LED ZEPPELIN                       BBC SESSIONS (THE COMPLETE)        3CD 29.90
    MEAT LOAF                          BRAVER THAN WE ARE (DELUXE)        CD  17.90
    METRONOMY                          THE ENGLISH RIVIERA                CD   9.90
    MORENO                             SLOGAN                             CD  16.90
    NELSON WILLIE                      A TRIBUTE TO RAY PRICE             CD  16.90
    NOTHING                            TIRED OF TOMORROW                  CD  17.90
    PETERSON OSCAR                     THE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL 3CD       3CD  9.90
    POOH                               POOH 50-L'ULTIMA NOTTE INSIEME     3CD 23.90
    POOH                               POOH 50-L'ULTIMA NOTTE INSIEME(BOX)CDD 29.90
    THIELEMANS TOOTS                   SUMMERTIME (BOX)                   3CD 13.90
    AAVV 100 HITS ANNI 90              VOL.4                              CD   8.90
    AAVV THE NATION'S FAVVOURITE...    MOTOWN SONGS                       2CD 12.90


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