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    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 3 Agosto 2019

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    B Boys

    B BOYS                             DUDU                               LP  26.00
    DURUTTI COLUMN                     WITHOUT MERCY (BOX 4CD)            2LP 29.00
    JOY DIVISION                       LIVE AT TOWN HALL 20TH FEB. 1980   LP  17.00
    RUSSIAN CIRCLES                    BLOOD YEAR                         LP  34.00
    SKELETON CREW (FRITH & CORA)       LEARN TO TALK                      LP  23.00
    UZEDA                              QUOCUMQUE JECERIS STABIT           LP  25.00
    3TEETH                             METAWAR                            CD  19.90
    AAVV 391 VOL.1 MARCHE              VOYAGE THROUGH THE DEEP 80'S...    2CD 20.90
    AAVV 391 VOL.3 PIEMONTE            VOYAGE THROUGH THE DEEP 80'S...    2CD 20.90
    AAVV ACOUSTIC GUITAR                                                  CD   9.90
    AAVV NATIVE AMERICA                THE ROUGH GUIDE TO...              2CD  9.90
    AAVV TOMORROWLAND 2019             BOX 5CD                            5CD 29.90
    AGUAYO MATIAS                      SUPPORT ALIEN INVASION             CD  19.90
    ASIA                               ANTHOLOGY                          CD   9.90
    B BOYS                             DUDU                               CD  17.90
    BALVIN J & BAD BUNNY               OASIS                              CD  13.90
    BOWIE DAVID                        LIVE VOL.2 (BOX 10CD)              BOX 36.90
    DAVACHI SARAH                      PALE BOOM                          CD  19.90
    DER BLUTHARSCH/SKULLFLOWER         ANGEL OF DARKNESS                  CD  16.90
    DURUTTI COLUMN                     WITHOUT MERCY (BOX 4CD)            4CD 24.90
    GIBBS FREDDIE & MADLIB             BANDANA                            CD  21.90
    GOV'T MULE                         BRING ON THE MUSIC-LIVE AT THE C.  2CD 19.90
    IAMTHEMORNING                      LIGHTHOUSE                         CD  12.90
    IDER                               EMOTIONAL EDUCATION                CD  19.90
    KAISER CHIEFS                      DUCK                               2CD 18.90
    MEMBRANES                          WHAT NATURE GIVES... NATURE TAKES..CD  18.90
    MILLS JEFF                         MOON-THE AREA OF INFLUENCE         CD  23.90
    NOE IAN                            BETWENN THE COUNTRY                CD  17.90
    OF MONSTERS AND MEN                FEVER DREAM                        CD  17.90
    PARK JIHA                          COMMUNION                          CD  17.90
    PELICAN                            NIGHTIME STORIES                   CD  17.90
    PERE UBU                           THE LONG GOODBYE                   2CD 23.90
    RANIERI MASSIMO                    GRAZIE MASSIMO! 30 CANZONI DI...   2CD 11.90
    RUSSIAN CIRCLES                    BLOOD YEAR                         CD  19.90
    SABATON                            THE GREAT WAR (HISTORY EDITION)    CD  20.90
    SPOON                              THE BEST OF-EVERYTHING HITS AT ONCECD  14.90
    TITUS ANDRONICUS                   AN OBELISK                         CD  17.90
    TORCHE                             ADMISSION                          CD  18.90
    UZEDA                              QUOCUMQUE JECERIS STABIT           CD  13.90
    VIOLENT FEMMES                     HOTEL LAST RESORT                  CD  18.90



    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 27 Luglio 2019

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    YORKE THOM                         ANIMA                              2LP 37.00
    YORKE THOM                         ANIMA (LTD)                        2LP 38.00
    AAVV PAPEETE BEACH COMPILATION     SUMMER 2019                        2CD 21.90
    AAVV RADIO BIRIKINA                FESTIVAL SHOW 20-SUMMER 2019       2CD 17.90
    BEDOUINE                           BIRD SONGS OF A KILLJOY            CD  16.90
    BTS                                LIGHTS/BOY WITH LUV (LTD)          CD  16.90
    BUZZCOCKS                          ACCESS ALL AREAS-LIVE CONCERT      2CD  9.90
    EILISH BILLIE                      DON'T SMILE AT ME                  CD  14.90
    EINAUDI LUDOVICO                   SEVEN DAYS WALKING-DAY FOUR        CD  18.90
    FILM: IL BUONO IL BRUTTO IL CATTIVO                                   DVD 10.90
    KOKOKO!                            FONGOLA                            CD  18.90
    LITTLE STEVEN                      LILYHAMMER THE SCORE VOL.1 JAZZ    CD  17.90
    LITTLE STEVEN                      LILYHAMMER THE SCORE VOL.2 FOLK... CD  17.90
    MANNOIA FIORELLA                   I SINGOLI '68-'78                  CD  22.90
    NEW ORDER                          (No,12k,Lg,17mif):LIVE AT MANCHESTE2CD 20.90
    PARK JIHA                          PHILOS                             CD  17.90
    SAINTE-MARIE BUFFY                 IT'S MY WAY!                       CD  11.90
    SKINNY PELEMBE                     DREAMING IS DEAD NOW               CD  17.90
    SUM 41                             ORDER IN DECLINE                   CD  15.90
    TAYLOR JAMES                       THE WARNER BROS. ALBUMS (6CD)      BOX 27.90
    WALKER ASH                         AQUAMARINE                         CD  14.90
    YORKE THOM                         ANIMA                              CD  18.90




    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 6 Luglio 2019

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    SIGUR ROS                          AGAETIS BYRJUN (20TH)              2LP 36.00
    RACONTEURS                         HELP US STRANGER (INDIE WHITE)     LP  29.00
    AAVV 44 GATTI                      PICCOLO CORO DELL'ANTONIANO        CD  17.90
    AAVV THE FANTASTIC 80'S            COLLECTION (5CD)                   5CD 19.90
    AAVV THE FANTASTIC RELAX & SPA     MUSIC COLLECTION                   5CD 13.90
    AAVV UMBRIA JAZZ                   2019                               CD  17.90
    AAVV WOODSTOCK                     50TH ANNIVERSARY                   3CD 21.90
    BOYD MOSES                         DISPLACED DIASPORA                 CD  16.90
    FREI:WILD                          STILL                              CD  14.90
    HOOP JESCA                         STONECHILD                         CD  18.90
    MANNEQUIN PUSSY                    PATIENCE                           CD  17.90
    PLAID                              P OLY ME R                         CD  18.90
    PRIMALS                            ALL LOVE IS TRUE LOVE              CD  12.90
    RHAPSODY                           ZERO GRAVITY                       CD  20.90
    SIGUR ROS                          AGAETIS BYRJUN (20TH)              4CD 38.90
    THE ANDRE'                         THEMAGOGIA, TRADURRE, TRADIRE, TR. CD   9.90
    TURNER NIK                         THE FINAL FRONTIER                 CD  17.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 13 Luglio 2019

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    GAETANO RINO                       AHI MARIA 40TH (4CD)               4CD 29.90
    CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG         4 WAY STREETS (RSD '19)            3LP 69.00
    ROCKETS                            KIDS FROM MARS 7" (LTD NUM. ORANGE)7"  16.00
    SHEERAN ED                         No.6 COLLABORATIONS PROJECT        2LP 30.00
    AAVV HIT MANIA DANCE CHAMPIONS 2019ESTATE 2019 (4CD)                  4CD 13.90
    AAVV KISS KISS                     PLAY SUMMER 2019                   2CD 15.90
    AAVV MACHETE MIXTAPE               VOL.4                              CD  18.90
    BANE ISILDURS & PETER HAMMILL      IN AMAZONIA                        CD  19.90
    CAGE JOHN                          MUSIC FOR PIANO AND PERCUSSION     CD   9.90
    FILM: BORG/MCENROE                                                    DVD  7.90
    GIONNYSCANDAL                      EMO                                CD  12.90
    GUO GAN TRIO                       GOBI DESERT                        CD  17.90
    HENDRIX JIMI                       (DVD)VOODOO CHILD-WEST COAST S.    DVD  8.90
    JOVANOTTI                          JOVA BEACH AFTER PARTY VOL.1       CD  11.90
    SHEERAN ED                         No.6 COLLABORATIONS PROJECT        CD  19.90
    SLOWTHAI                           NOTHING GREAT ABOUT BRITAIN        CD  17.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 29 Giugno 2019

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    Black keys


    BLACK KEYS                         LET'S ROCK                         LP  24.00
    JOY DIVISON                        UNKNOWN PLEASURES (40TH)           LP  27.00
    MARLENE KUNTZ                      MK30-BEST&BEAUTIFUL                2LP 33.00
    ROSSI VASCO                        T'IMMAGINI 12"                     12" 24.00
    WALKER ASH                         ECHO CHAMBER                       2LP 27.00
    AAVV HIT'S SUMMER! 2019            HIT'S SUMMER! 2019                 CD  14.90
    AAVV HOT PARADE DANCE              SUMMER 2019                        2CD 18.90
    ARMSTRONG CRAIG                    FILM WORKS 1995-2005               CD  11.90
    BARONESS                           GOLD & GREY                        CD  17.90
    BLACK KEYS                         LET'S ROCK                         CD  19.90
    BOKASSA                            CRIMSON RIDERS                     CD  18.90
    BOWIE DAVID                        TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE            3CD 21.90
    BRYANT TYLER & THE SHAKEDOWN       TRUTH AND LIES                     CD  16.90
    CALCUTTA                           EVERGREEN... E ALTRE CANZONI       2CD 21.90
    COREA CHICK & SPANISH HEART BAND   DNTIDOTE                           CD  18.90
    DOORS                              TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE            3CD 18.90
    ENTOMBED                           CLANDESTINE LIVE                   CD  18.90
    FILM: DIABOLIK SONO IO                                                DVD 15.90
    FILM: GLORIA BELL                                                     DVD 15.90
    FILM: LA CITTA' DEGLI ANGELI       CITY OF ANGELS                     DVD  9.90
    FILM: MOMENTI DI TRASCURABILE...   FELICITA'                          DVD 16.90
    GNOOMES                            MU!                                CD  17.90
    HOT CHIP                           A BATH FULL OF ECSTASY             CD  18.90
    KARAINDROU ELENI                   CONCERT IN ATHENS                  CD  22.90
    KRONOS QUARTET                     (DVD)IN ACCORD                     DVD  9.90
    LUCHE                              POTERE-IL GIORNO DOPO (BOX)        CDL 29.90
    MARLENE KUNTZ                      MK30-BEST&BEAUTIFUL                3CD 31.90
    MARTINEZ CLIFF                     O.S.T. TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG        2CD 21.90
    MINOGUE KYLIE                      STEP BACK IN TIME                  2CD 22.90
    NELSON WILLIE                      RIDE ME BACK HOME                  CD  18.90
    NIRVANA                            TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE            3CD 19.90
    RESIDENTS                          PETTING ZOO                        CD  14.90
    ROLLING STONES                     ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS (DELUXE)      2CD 22.90
    RONSON MARK                        LATE NIGHT FEELINGS                CD  17.90
    SHAGGY                             WAH GWAAN?!                        CD  18.90
    TEMPEST KATE                       THE BOOK OF TRAPS AND LESSONS      CD  14.90
    WITHERS BILL                       THE BEST OF-LOVELY DAY             2CD 11.90
    ZODA                               UFO                                CD  14.90
    ZODA                               UFO (DELUXE)                       CD  20.90


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