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    Home Notizie Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 7 Marzo 2015

    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 7 Marzo 2015

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    ANCIENT BARDS                      SOULLESS CHILD                     CD  18.90
    ANCIENT BARDS                      THE ALLIANCE OF THE KING           CD  19.90
    ANCIENT BARDS                      A NEW DAWN ENDING                  CD  18.90
    ANSWER                             RAISE A LITTLE HELL (LTD)          2CD 22.90
    AUBRY RENE'                        NE M'OUBLIE PAS                    CD  14.90
    AUBRY RENE'                        SEULS AU MONDE                     CD  14.90
    AVENER                             THE WANDERINGS OF THE...           CD  19.90
    CLARITY CLARENCE                   NO NOW                             CD  17.90
    COCHRAN EDDIE                      SUMMERTIME BLUES-THE BEST OF...    2CD  9.90
    DESIDERII MARGINIS                 HYPNOSIS                           CD  18.90
    FERGUSON REBECCA                   LADY SINGS THE BLUES               CD  18.90
    GRIMOON                            VERS LA LUNE                       CD  15.90
    HATHAWAY DONNY                     THESE SONGS FOR YOU-LIVE           CD   9.90
    HICKS BILL                         AMERICAN                           2CD 13.90
    IRON BUTTERFLY                     METAMORPHOSIS                      CD   9.90
    JARREAU AL                         BREAKIN' AWAY                      CD   9.90
    JOHNSON ERIC & MIKE STERN          ECLECTIC                           CD  19.90
    JUDAS PRIEST                       DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH (30TH)      3CD 23.90
    KING'S DAUGHTER & SONS             ORIGINAL ALBUM SERIES (5CD)        BOX 24.90
    LANEGAN MARK                       A THOUSAND MILES MIDNIGHT...       CD  16.90
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD                     ICON-BEST OF...                    CD   8.90
    MADONNA                            REBEL HEART (LTD DELUXE)           2CD 32.90
    MADONNA                            REBEL HEART (DELUXE)               CD  22.90
    MADONNA                            REBEL HEART                        CD  18.90
    MORSE NEAL                         THE GRAND EXPERIMENT               CD  17.90
    OF MONTREAL                        AUREATE GLOOM                      CD  19.90
    POP GROUP                          CITIZEN ZOMBIE (LTD)               CD  23.90
    RITES OF SPRING                    END ON END                         CD  17.90
    SEEGERS DOUG                       GOING DOWN TO RIVER                CD  21.90
    VOLO (Q)                           THE PLATINUM COLLECTION            3CD 24.90
    WILSON STEVEN                      (DVD)HAND.CANNOT.ERASE (B-RAY)     DVD 18.90
    WILSON STEVEN                      HAND.CANNOT.ERASE (LTD)            CDD 19.90
    WILSON STEVEN                      HAND.CANNOT.ERASE                  CD  15.90
    ZS                                 XE                                 CD  17.90
    AAVV DJ ZONE 2015                  BEST SESSION 03-2015               2CD 15.90
    AAVV FOLK OF THE WORLD             GREECE GRIECHNLAND                 CD   8.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA DANCE CHAMPIONS 20142015 (4 CD)                        4CD 19.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA DANCE CHAMPIONS 2015SPRING 2015                        2CD 13.90
    AAVV IL MURETTO                    LIMITED VOL.1                      2CD 16.90