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    Home Notizie Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 8 Settembre 2018

    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 8 Settembre 2018

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    KRAVITZ LENNY                      RAISE VIBRATION                    2LP 29.00
    AFRAID OF DESTINY                  AGONY                              LP  15.00
    AAVV CELTIC SPIRIT                 2CD                                2CD  9.90
    AAVV PURE IRISH                    TRADITIONAL                        CD   8.90
    AFRAID OF DESTINY                  AGONY                              CD  10.00
    ARNALDS OLAFUR                     RE-MEMBER                          CD  18.90
    BAND                               MUSIC FROM BIG PINK ('18)          CD  17.90
    BIFFY CLYRO                        MTV UNPLUGGED                      CDD 17.90
    CAPAREZZA                          PRISONER 709 LIVE (2CD + DVD)      CDD 26.90
    CAPAREZZA                          PRISONER 709 LIVE (2CD+DVD+BOOK)   CDD 51.90
    CORAL                              MOVE THROUGH THE DAWN              CD  14.90
    DEATH SS                           ROCK'N'ROLL ARMAGEDDON             CD  16.90
    GUANO APES                         PROUD LIKE A GOD ('17)             2CD 16.90
    IDLES                              JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE        CD  14.90
    JUSTICE                            WOMAN WORLD WIDE                   CD  16.90
    KEN MODE                           LOVED                              CD  19.90
    KRAVITZ LENNY                      RAISE VIBRATION                    CD  18.90
    LED ZEPPELIN                       THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME ('18)    2CD 21.90
    MC CARTNEY PAUL                    EGYPT STATION                      CD  21.90
    MINGHI AMEDEO                      IL MEGLIO DI A.M.                  2CD 12.90
    OUR GIRL                           STRANGER TODAY                     CD  14.90
    PEYROUX MADELEINE                  ANTHEM                             CD  18.90
    PRESLEY ELVIS                      WHERE NO ONE STANDS ALONE          CD  18.90
    SIMON PAUL                         IN THE BLUE LIGHT                  CD  18.90
    SISTER SLEDGE                      THE BEST OF...                     CD   8.90
    SIVAN TROYE                        BLOOM                              CD  18.90
    SOFT MACHINE                       HIDDEN DETAILS                     CD  14.90
    SOLER ALVARO                       MAR DE COLORES                     CD  18.90
    SPIRITUALIZED                      AND NOTHING HURT                   CD  17.90
    URBAN STRANGERS                    U.S                                CD  16.90
    YES                                LIVE AT THE APOLLO                 2CD 20.90