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    Home Notizie Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 23 Marzo 2019

    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 23 Marzo 2019

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    APPARAT                            LP5                                LP  29.00
    BIG MAMA THORNTON                  IN EUROPE                          LP  35.00
    BURCH ANNA                         QUIT THE CURSE                     LP  26.00
    IBIS                               IBIS (LTD)                         LP  29.00
    AAVV HOT PARTY                     SPRING 2019                        CD  13.90
    ADAMS BRYAN                        SHINE A LIGHT                      CD  19.90
    APPARAT                            LP5                                CD  17.90
    BIMENI J.P.                        FREE ME                            CD  16.90
    BRUCKNER                           (B-RAY)THE MATURE SYMPHONIES 4     DVD 49.00
    HAND HABITS                        PLACEHOLDER                        CD  16.90
    IRON & WINE                        OUR ENDLESS NUMBERED DAYS (15TH)   CD  19.90
    LAMBCHOP                           THIS (IS WHAT I WANTED TO TELL YOU)CD  18.90
    NESLI                              VENGO IN PACE                      CD  16.90
    QUARTA ALESSANDRO                  PLAYS ASTOR PIAZZOLLA              CD  19.90
    RUGGERI ENRICO                     ALMA                               CD  17.90
    RUSSACK EMMA                       IN A NEW STATE                     CD  13.90
    SELOFAN                            CINE ROMANCE                       CD  19.90
    STEVE'N'SEAGULLS                   BROTHERS IN FARMS                  CD  11.90
    SUNDFOR SUSANNE                    MUSIC FOR PEOPLE IN TROUBLE        CD  18.90
    TEARDO TEHO                        GRIEF IS THE THING WITH FEATHERS   CD  16.90