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    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 25 Marzo 2017

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    AAVV 100 ANNI DI CINEMA            100 BEST CLASSICS (6CD)            6CD 13.90
    AAVV BEST CHILL OUT CLASSICS       6 COMPACT DISCS                    6CD 13.90
    AAVV DJ SELECTION                  457-21 BRANI ORIGINALI             CD  16.90
    AAVV GOA                           DISTANCE TO GOA 6                  CD   8.90
    AAVV GOA                           GOA & PSY TRANCE                   2CD 12.90
    AAVV THE SOUND OF BELGIUM          TSOB VOL.1                         4CD 18.90
    ANDREWS COURTNEY MARIE             HONEST LIFE                        CD  14.90
    ARBOURETUM                         SONG OF THE ROSE                   CD  17.90
    AYERS ROY                          EVERYBODY LOVES THE SUNSHINE       2CD  9.90
    BANGLES                            THE BANGLES-THE BEST OF...         2CD  9.90
    BEGINNING OF THE END               FUNKY NASSAU                       CD  12.90
    BLANCK MASS                        WORLD EATER                        CD  18.90
    BLUNT JAMES                        THE AFTERLOVE                      CD  19.90
    CELENTANO ADRIANO                  SVALUTATION                        CD  10.90
    CHARLES RAY                        THE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL 3CD COLL. 3CD  9.90
    COUNTERFEIT                        TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER           CD  16.90
    DEROZER                            PASSAGGIO A NORDEST                CD  13.90
    DIXIE DREGS                        (DVD)LIVE AT MONTREUX 1978         DVD 12.90
    DOCTOR CYCLOPS                     LOCAL DOG                          CD  13.90
    DONALDSON LOU                      THE NATURAL SOUL                   CD   9.90
    FEELIES                            IN BETWEEN                         CD  18.90
    HACKETT STEVE                      THE NIGHT SIREN (LTD)              CDD 23.90
    HARDWELL                           REVEALED VOL.7                     CD  18.90
    HOUSE OF LORDS                     SAINT OF THE LOST SOULS            CD  18.90
    JESUS AND MARY CHAIN               DAMAGE AND JOY                     CD  17.90
    JETHRO TULL                        THE STRING QUARTETS                CD  17.90
    KIM & THE CADILLACS                IL MEGLIO DI...                    CD   9.90
    KORZENIOWSKI ABEL                  O.S.T. NOCTURNAL ANIMALS           CD  20.90
    LARSSON ZARA                       SO GOOD                            CD  17.90
    MALDESTRO                          I MURI DI BERLINO                  CD  15.90
    MAROCCOLO GIANNI                   NULLA E ANDATO PERSO ('17)         2CD 26.90
    MASEKELA HUGH                      BEATIN' AROUN DE BUSH              CD   9.90
    MOLOCKS                            AMERICA'S VELVET GLORY             CD  17.90
    MORGAN LEE                         EIGHT CLASSIC ALBUMS               4CD 11.90
    PETERSON GILLES                    THE BBC SESSIONS VOL.1             2CD 19.90
    PINK FLOYD                         1972 OBFUSC/ATION-THE EARLY YEARS  CDD 49.00
    PINK FLOYD                         1968 GERMIN/ATION-THE EARLY YEARS  CDD 46.00
    PINK FLOYD                         1971 REVERBER/ATION-THE EARLY YEARSCDD 46.00
    PINK FLOYD                         1970 DEVI/ATION-THE EARLY YEARS    CDD 49.00
    PINK FLOYD                         1969 DRAMATIS/ATION-THE EARLY YEARSCDD 46.00
    PINK FLOYD                         1965 CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION-THE EARLY YCDD 49.00
    PONTIAK                            DIALECTIC OF IGNORANCE             CD  17.90
    REID NADIA                         PRESERVATION                       CD  17.90
    SHINS                              HEARTWORMS                         CD  17.90
    SODASTREAM                         LITTLE BY LITTLE                   CD  18.90
    SOULWAX                            FROM DEEWEE                        CD  17.90
    TIMMONS BOBBY                      THIS HERE IS                       CD   8.90
    TODO MODO                          PREGA PER ME                       CD  14.90
    TY1                                HARDSHIP                           CD  12.90
    VERDI GIUSEPPE                     100 BEST VERDI (6CD)               6CD 13.90
    VIVALDI ANTONIO                    100 BEST VIVALDI (6CD)             6CD 13.90
    WEATHER REPORT                     THE BEST OF...                     CD   9.90
    WIRE                               SILVER/LEAD                        CD  17.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 18 Marzo 2017

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    COREA CHICK                        THE BEST OF...                     CD   9.90
    DAVIS MILES                        THE REAL... (1CD)                  CD   8.90
    DEF LEPPARD                        LIVE FROM DETROID-AND THERE WILL...CDD 25.90
    DEPECHE MODE                       SPIRIT                             CD  17.90
    DEPECHE MODE                       SPIRIT (DELUXE)                    2CD 20.90
    DEPRODUCERS                        BOTANICA                           CD  19.90
    DON BACKY                          PIANETA DONNA                      CD  15.90
    ENTICS                             PURPLE HAZE                        CD  13.90
    FUNKSTORUNG                        FUNKSTORUNG                        CD   9.90
    GRANDADDY                          LAST PLACE                         CD  17.90
    GRATEFUL DEAD                      SAN FRANCISCO 1976-THE ORPHEUM...  3CD 20.90
    HENDRIX JIMI                       FIRE-THE COLLECTION                CD  11.90
    JUNE VALERIE                       THE ORDER OF TIME                  CD  17.90
    KENNEDY NIGEL                      A PORTRAIT                         CD   9.90
    LIGABUE MARCO                      IL MISTERO DEL DNA                 CD  12.90
    OBERST CONOR                       SALUTATIONS                        CD  18.90
    TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND               LIVE FROM THE FOX OAKLAND          2CD 21.90
    2 CELLOS                           SCORE                              CD  17.90
    AAVV KUDURO REGGAETON              PARTY 2017                         4CD 22.90
    AAVV SUPERHITS                     SPRING 2017                        2CD 16.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 4 Marzo 2017

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    BALVIN J                           ENERGIA                            CD  14.90
    BELLENS JACOB                      POLYESTER SKIN                     CD  17.90
    BENVEGNU' PAOLO                    H3+                                CD  15.90
    BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE           DON'T GET LOST                     CD  18.90
    CARNER LOYLE                       YESTERDAY'S GONE                   CD  16.90
    CHERRY DON                         "MU" FIRST PART                    CD   9.90
    DANKO JONES                        WILD CAT                           CD  18.90
    DAVIS MILES                        IN A SILENT WAY/ON THE CORNER      2CD 11.90
    FEAR FACTORY                       THE BEST OF...                     CD   9.90
    FERRERI GIUSY                      GIROTONDO                          CD  17.90
    FILM: 007 IL MONDO NON BASTA       LA 12 STAGIONE (6DVD)              DVD 24.90
    FILM: LA VERITA' STA IN CIELO                                         DVD 15.90
    GRIDO                              SEGNALI DI FUMO                    CD  13.90
    GUASTI FRANCESCO                   UNIVERSO                           CD  10.90
    KIRK ROLAND                        EIGHT CLASSIC ALBUMS               4CD 12.90
    LUCI DELLA CENTRALE ELETTRICA      TERRA (CD + LIBRO)                 CDL 17.90
    PABA ALICE                         SE FOSSI UN ANGELO                 CD  10.90
    PRADO PEREZ                        THE REAL...                        3CD  9.90
    PROKOFIEV SERGEJ                   SYMPHONIE N.5                      CD  14.90
    SHEERAN ED                         DIVIDE (LTD)                       CD  19.90
    SREMMURD RAE                       SREMMLIFE 2                        CD  18.90
    TEMPLES                            VOLCANO                            CD  17.90
    TOKYO MOTOR FIST                   TOKYO MOTOR FIST                   CD  18.90
    AAVV CAR-AOKE                      THE COLLECTION                     4CD 11.90
    AAVV CLASSICAL                     THE COLLECTION                     4CD 11.90
    AAVV SMOOTH 70S                    60 MELLOW CLASSICS                 3CD 11.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 11 Marzo 2017

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    BLACKFIELD                         V                                  CD  15.90
    BONOBO                             MIGRATION                          CD  18.90
    CIRCA WAVES                        DIFFERENT CREATURES                CD  18.90
    DEMDIKE STARE                      WONDERLAND-MODERN LOVE             CD  25.90
    DEPECHE MODE                       WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION E.P.        CDS  6.90
    FILM: ROMEO + GIULIETTA            EDIZIONE SPECIALE                  DVD  9.90
    FUGS                               THE FUGS SECOND ALBUM              CD  14.90
    GAZEBO PENGUINS                    NEBBIA                             CD  16.90
    HENDRIX JIMI                       HENDRIX 3CD                        3CD  9.90
    HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF           THE NAVIGATOR                      CD  17.90
    JESTOFUNK                          THE ANTHOLOGY                      CD  16.90
    KRAUSS ALISON                      WINDY CITY (DELUXE)                CD  21.90
    MAHLER GUSTAV                      SYMPHONIE NR.6                     2CD 24.90
    MARLING LAURA                      SEMPER FEMINA                      CD  18.90
    MERRITT TIFT                       STITCH OF THE WORLD                CD  17.90
    MORO FABRIZIO                      PACE                               CD  17.90
    O.S.T. THE HOBBIT                  THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG            2CD 12.90
    O.S.T. THE HOBBIT                  AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY              2CD 12.90
    PENTATONIX                         PENTATONIX (DELUXE)                CD  14.90
    PISSED JEANS                       WHY LOVE NOW                       CD  17.90
    RED LLAMA                          MEMORY LEAKS                       CD  10.00
    SHEERAN ED                         DIVIDE                             CD  16.90
    SLEAFORD MODS                      ENGLISH TAPAS                      CD  17.90
    SMITH ELLIOTT                      EITHER/OR (N.E.)                   2CD 21.90
    SOUNDGARDEN                        ULTRAMEGA OK (N.E.)                CD  18.90
    STATO SOCIALE                      AMORE, LAVORO E ALTRI MITI DA...   CD  15.90
    THUNDERCAT                         DRUNK                              CD  19.90
    AAVV DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE         MIAMI 2017                         2CD 22.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA DANCE CHAMPIONS 2017SPRING 2017                        CD  13.90
    AAVV HIT MANIA DANCE CHAMPIONS 2017SPRING 2017 (4CD)                  4CD 19.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 25 Febbraio 2017

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    AAVV BOSSA NOVA                    THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION           3CD 13.90
    AAVV BUDDHA BAR CLUBBING           DJ RAVIN                           CD  21.90
    AAVV DJ SELECTION                  456-21 BRANI ORIGINALI             2CD 16.90
    AAVV KIZOMBA ZOUK LOVE             VOL.2                              3CD 22.90
    AAVV LATINA                        FEVER 2017                         4CD 22.90
    AAVV PURE...                       PSYCHEDELIC ROCK                   4CD 12.90
    AMARANTHE                          MAXIMALISM                         CD  17.90
    AVATARIUM                          FEATHERS & FLESH (LTD)             CDD 17.90
    BASH & POP                         ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN              CD  17.90
    BASILE CESARE                      U FUJUTU SU NESCI CHI FA?          CD  15.90
    BURANI DAVIDE                      MADAME LA HARPE                    CD  14.90
    BYRNE JULIE                        NOT EVEN HAPPINESS                 CD  20.90
    CALCUTTA                           MAINSTREAM +                       3CD 20.90
    CALZINI CLANDESTINI                CASE CHIUSE                        CD  10.00
    CARMEL                             WORLD'S GONE CRAZY                 CD  13.90
    CARTER FRANK & THE RATTLESNAKES    MODERN RUIN                        CD  18.90
    CHIARA                             NESSUN POSTO E' CASA MIA           CD  15.90
    CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH           THE TOURIST                        CD  17.90
    DOWD JOHNNY                        EXECUTE AMERICAN FOLKLORE          CD  15.90
    EDDA (STEFANO RAMPOLDI)            GRAZIOSA UTOPIA                    CD  15.90
    GANG                               CALIBRO 77                         CD  16.90
    GANG                               CALIBRO 77 (LTD)                   CD  18.90
    GIPSY KINGS                        THE REAL...                        3CD  9.90
    NAUGHTY BY NATURE                  HIP HOP HITS                       CD   8.90
    O.S.T. TRAINSPOTTING T2            T2                                 CD  18.90
    PARSONS ALAN PROJECT               ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS            5CD 26.90
    PUBLIC ENEMY                       IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS(DLX) CDD 14.90
    RUSSELL LEON                       LEON LIVE                          CD  17.90
    SAMUEL                             IL CODICE DELLA BELLEZZA           CD  17.90
    SIX FEET UNDER                     TORMENT                            CD  17.90
    STARSET                            VESSELS                            CD  18.90
    SUICIDE SILENCE                    SUICIDE SILENCE '17                CD  19.90
    THIEVERY CORPORATION               THE TEMPLE OF I&I                  CD  16.90
    WARWICK DIONNE                     THE REAL...                        3CD  9.90
    WEST WILLIE                        LOST SOUL                          CD  21.90


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