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    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 18 Settembre 2021

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    LOW                                HEY WHAT                           LP  28.00
    MANNARINO                          V                                  2LP 37.00
    BLANCO                             BLU CELESTE                        CD  17.90
    CARCASS                            TORN ARTERIES                      CD  19.90
    COLLAGE                            IL MEGLIO                          CD   9.90
    DARDUST                            S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS             CD  18.90
    FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS         E' GIA' DOMANI                     CD  17.90
    JINJER                             WALLFLOWERS                        CD  19.90
    LOW                                HEY WHAT                           CD  18.90
    MANNARINO                          V                                  CD  19.90
    PRAVI BARBARA                      ON N'ENFERME PAS LES OISEAUX       CD  21.90
    PRESLEY ELVIS                      SUMMER FESTIVAL 1970-THE REHEARSALS3CD 39.90
    RANI HANIA                         MUSIC FOR FILMS AND THEATER        CD  14.90
    SKYEYE                             SOLDIERS OF LIGHT                  CD  18.90
    VAN DE SFROOS DAVIDE               MAADER FOLK                        CD  20.90
    WALLFLOWERS                        EXIT WOUNDS                        CD  18.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 11 Settembre 2021

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    Black album

    METALLICA                          METALLICA (BLACK ALBUM)(30TH)      2LP 40.00
    AREA                               ARBEIT MATCH FREI (LTD '21)        LP  30.00
    GAMMA RAY                          30 YEARS LIVE ANNIVERSARY          CDD 32.90
    GUIDI GIOVANNI                     OJOS DE GATO                       CD  20.90
    HACKETT STEVE                      SURRENDER OF SILENCE               CD  18.90
    METHENY PAT                        SIDE EYE NYC                       CD  20.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 28 Agosto 2021

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    MORSE NEAL                         INNOCENCE & DANGER                 CD  20.90
    BATTISTI LUCIO                     VOL.4                              CD   9.90
    DMX                                EXODUS                             CD  19.90
    FORD ROBBEN                        PURE                               CD  19.90
    HALSEY                             IF I CAN'T HAVE LOVE, (LTD)        CD  20.90
    HANTE                              MORNING TSUNAMI                    CD  21.90
    JACKSON MICHAEL                    THSI IS HIT (LTD)                  2CD 19.90
    KILLERS                            PRESSURE MACHINE                   CD  19.90
    KING BUFFALO                       THE BURDEN OF RESTLESSNESS         CD  18.90
    ONE REPUBLIC                       HUMAN (DELUXE)                     CD  22.90
    PANCERI GATTO                      THE BEST OF...                     CD   9.90
    POLICE                             SYNCHRONICTY (25TH SACD)           CD  35.00
    RICHTER MAX                        EXILES                             CD  19.90
    ROSS DIANA                         THE COLLECTION-UPSIDE DOWN         CD   9.90
    SANTANA                            SUPERNATURAL (10TH LTD)            2CD 24.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!! Sabato 4 Settembre 2021

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    IRON MAIDEN                        SENJUTSU                           3LP 57.00
    IRON MAIDEN                        SENJUTSU (LTD)                     3LP 78.00
    LORDE                              SOLAR POWER                        LP  33.00
    MAREA DESIRE                       DESIRE                             LP  27.00
    MOGWAI                             AS THE LOVE CONTINUES (LTD)        BOX 69.00
    ANGELS                             GREATEST HITS                      CD   8.90
    FILM: QUALCOSA NELL'ARIA                                              DVD 12.90
    HALLYDAY JOHNNY                    MON PAYS C'EST L'AMOUR             CD  23.90
    HALLYDAY JOHNNY                    ON STAGE                           2CD 11.90
    IMAGINE DRAGONS                    MERCURY ACT 1                      CD  20.90
    IRON MAIDEN                        SENJUTSU                           2CD 22.90
    IRON MAIDEN                        SENJUTSU (LTD)                     2CD 23.90
    KING WOMAN                         CELESTIAL BLUES                    CD  18.90
    LORDE                              SOLAR POWER                        CD  22.90
    ROMITELLI FAUSTO                   ANAMORPHOSIS                       CD  21.90
    SONNY & CHER                       THE BEST OF-THE BEAT GOES ON       CD   9.90
    TIERSEN YANN                       KERBER                             CD  19.90
    VILLAGERS                          FEVER DREAMS                       CD  18.90


    Le novità di questa settimana!!!

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    SEPULTURA                          SEPULQUARTA                        CD  19.90
    BAKER DIONE                        ETERNALLY                          CD   9.90
    BATHGATE CHRIS                     DIZZY SEAS                         CD  19.90
    CHAIRLIFT                          MOTH                               CD   7.90
    CLUTCH                             SONGS OF MUCH GRACITY... 1993/2001 4CD 35.90
    COMMON KINGS                       LOST IN PARADISE                   CD   8.90
    CRX                                NEW SKIN                           CD   8.90
    DANFORTHS                          LOOK OUT FOR THE WOLVES            CD   8.90
    DARK ROMANTICS                     HEARTBREAKER                       CD   8.90
    DEEZ NUTS                          BINGE & PURGATORY                  CD   8.90
    DEFEAT THE LOW                     A NERVOUS SMILE                    CD   8.90
    DEMPSEY DAMIEN                     ALMIGHTY LOVE                      CD   7.90
    EVERYTHING EVERYTHING              GET TO HEAVEN (DELUXE)             CD   7.90
    FALE CURTE                         MUIART                             CD  12.00
    FORSTER MARK                       KARTON                             CD  19.90
    FOXES                              GLORIOUS                           CD   8.90
    HANDS LIKE HOUSES                  DISSONANTS                         CD   7.90
    HELLOWEEN                          HELLOWEEN '21                      CD  19.90
    IM DAMI                            HEART BEATS (DELUXE)               CD   8.90
    LE BAGAD DE LANN-BIHOUE'           DEGEMER MAT. BIENVENUE             CD   7.90
    LLOYD CHER                         SORRY I'M LATE                     CD   7.90
    ROSE CHARLINE                      A GENOUX                           CD   7.90
    WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR              MAVERICK THINKER                   CD  17.90


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